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{ Monthly Archives } February 2012

Four products for beating inflation

An article on The Mint newspaper for which i contributed. Old one but the message is relevant ( actual reason is i forgot to post it earlier 🙂

Private Placement of Non convertible debentures

Oh, if the topic sounds like gobbledygook, dont worry. It simply means bonds that are issued privately among select investors as opposed to bonds that are issued publicly like the recent tax free.  Debentures are fancy word for bonds and non convertible means that they can not be converted to shares at a later date. […]

Kaun Banega Crorepati?

You can be a crorepati by hardwork or sheer luck and usually a combination of both in varying degrees, the real question is can you stay on as a crorepati and even improve on your wealth. A small article on what to do with sudden gains that seem for many lucky people to disappear even […]

Financial Planning Basics – Part 2

Basics of Financial Planning and managing major goals such as home purchase, childrens education, retirement etc.

Basics of Financial Planning

This is a 2 part series on basics of Financial Planning that i wrote for Industrial Economist recently. Financial Planning – A beginner’s guide:   Financial Planning is an active approach to taking charge of one’s future and plan for the same. Investors usually fret about market volatility, and  make piecemeal investment decisions. After some […]

You need a budget

You Need a Budget