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{ Monthly Archives } April 2015

What can 14% returns do? A lot as we see :)

In 1971, Govt’s Enemy Property Office had shares worth Rs. 29 Cr’s value mostly belonging to people who left India during Indo Pak war of 1965. Cut to 2015, exactly 44 years later, the shares have been valued at 10,000 Cr. That is approximately 345 times in 45 years ! Imagine what % return per […]

After all, what can 500 Rs p.m grow to?

The letter below,written by a dad, whose 7 year old son saved 500 Rs per month and gave to his dad for investing. Think his dad wanted to teach him about investing in a disciplined way through mutual funds so gave this amount as pocket money. Before you say nice story and move on, as […]

From 1 to 100, How 1% change can bring success.

What did Dave Brailsford , a British cycling coach, do to make his team win the famed┬áTour de france cycling tournament? And, how can it make you a better investor? We all know “Save more, Invest better, Spend less” is the solution to our financial problems. Don’t we? We need money for various reasons including […]