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Minimalism in life and investing

Profit from folly, do not participate in it – Warren Buffett

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leornado Da Vinci (1452 AD)

MoreĀ is better, is what we are led to believe, in both life and investing. In life through larger house, cars, phones, home theaters. This consumption is led by the belief that one needs ‘new’ things all the time, especially when there are three apps in your smart phone which keep reminding you to buy the new smart phone (on EMI of course!) or the LED TV.

Waste & want that is my motto.

Waste & want that is my motto.


But the problem, as the above cartoon says is that ‘ everything we get turns into something you have’ which is why Calvin says one needs to keep getting new things and so we shop till we drop. The old TV looks out of place, the home looks cramped, car looks dented etc.

This is indeed great for investors in those companies ( buying a new Iphone is sort of transfer of wealth from your end to shareholders of Apple and to the shareholders of the bank that finances your purchase šŸ™‚ ), which is why Warren Buffett says profit from folly ( by being an investor ) dont participate ( by avoiding being a full time consumer) in it !

Minimalism is about getting more done by doing less. Ā If you have a hundred shirts to wear, you surely are going to waste lot of time wondering what to wear, have 5 shirts and the choice becomes much easy. Also maintenance becomes even easier. Have a house that looks cramped ? give away some furniture and make space, wardrobe is cluttered? give away clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you will get some space and help another person too.

De-cluttering Ā helps in life as well as in investments, Ā having too many mutual funds(because you read in paper they are doing well) , insurance plans ( brother in law in pushed it) , bank accounts ( nephew shifted three jobs and now you have three bank accounts and hope he stays there !) Ā is a recipe for confusion.

This weekend I plan to start with clearing up my desk of all the magazines and brochures, my investment life is simple enough have one investment account, 2 bank accounts Ā  (one for regular expense and one for investment), one insurance plan and one medical plan.






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