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How much can Rs 9500 grow to ??

Infosys came out with IPO in 1993 and it was a failure as no one knew much about IT companies then so hence did not invest.  By 2001 with three bonus and split 100 shares bought at 95 Rs in IPO became 1600 Shares ie around 23 Lacs in value. Today the same shares are […]

Private Placement of Non convertible debentures

Oh, if the topic sounds like gobbledygook, dont worry. It simply means bonds that are issued privately among select investors as opposed to bonds that are issued publicly like the recent tax free.  Debentures are fancy word for bonds and non convertible means that they can not be converted to shares at a later date. […]

Who’s who of a different kind!

1.    Spain is not Greece – Elena Salgado, Spanish Finance minister, Feb 2010 2.    Portugal is not Greece – the Economist, 22nd April 2010 3.    Greece is not Ireland – George Papaconstantinou, Greek Finance minister, 8th November 2010 4.    Spain is neither Ireland nor Portugal – Elena Salgado, Spanish Finance minister, 16 November […]

The curious case of missing mutual fund agent !

An article by me was published sometime back in “The Mint” newpspaper here is a link.


Gilt Funds

Indian interest rate scenario, Case for investing in gilt funds.

Can’t wait to hang up his boots.

A client of mine was featured in The Mint, a financial newspaper.

Mum’s Money Lessons

Mr Babu, a client of Credo Capital was featured on The Mint, an Financial Newspaper. I think what the client talked about applies to everyone.

Spinning Top

The spinning top is a reflection of the economy, it is not supposed to spin that well and that stable but it surprisingly is stable. I think if one thinks about what can go wrong with an economy there are hundreds of things, and it does indeed wobble from time to time as if its […]

Myths about Mutual Funds

Myths about Mutual Funds, mistakes while investing

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Focusing Illusion

The Illusion of focus and its effects on investors.