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{ Monthly Archives } June 2015

3 Simple steps to stress free investing

  1. Check and collate all of your investments : Be it Insurance, Mutual Fund, shares, bonds, FD, anything. Put it all one folder, use a good spreadsheet or software ( we use Mprofit) ┬áto track all of it in one place. This will not only help you know where you stand but also help […]

Save tax + Invest for future = good returns via Tax Saving Funds (ELSS)

Who does not want to save taxes? All of us i’m sure. But, do you know the best way to save tax? I’m sure your reply is PPF, Insurance policies, you have heard this thing called ELSS Funds or Mutual Funds which let you save tax too but you thought they were ‘risky’ and hence […]

Play now and pay later !

Better be a ploughman (worker) on your legs than a gentleman on your knees (seemingly rich but in debt) – Benjamin Franklin Muthu recently wrote a blog on what is short and long term thought i will expand on it a bit. Short Term : Play now and pay later Long Term : Think […]

An investors dream !!

Profit from folly, do not participate in it – Warren Buffett. This simple Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, captures the essence of how consumption benefits investors.