One kick, 10000 times

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but one kick 10,000 times – Bruce Lee.

Best selling author Malcolm Gladwell wrote that it takes around 10,000 hours of practice for anyone to be an expert. Bruce Lee seems to have found that out much before with the above quote!

As investors most of us are try different things to increase our wealth, which is not wrong but we also need to practice that one kick ( consistent investments over the years ) to make a meaningful difference. the one kick that i can think of in investing world is SIP, ( systematic investment plan which is fancy way of saying monthly investment!) that one kick once a month patiently done over last 20 years has made people ‘ Crorepatis’ without winning KBC !!

Let us see how one can do this. Franklin Prima Plus, an equity fund was started in 1994, completed 20 years last year. A monthly investment of 5000 Rs since Jan 1995, is worth 2.2 Crs today. All one needed was the patience to keep investing that 5000 Rs and not stop it for any reason. Even 2000 Rs, for 20 years ( 2000* 12 months * 20) precisely what i could have afforded from my salary of 5000 RS then, would be 88 Lacs today as against invested value of 4.8 lac’s. All this by investing amounts that one can afford and leaving it be for long term.

I’m telling this because young investors should not repeat the same mistake, salaries are much higher today, and people spend 2000 Rs on their phone bill every month, not to mention 1000 Rs for going to the movie in a multiplex.

So if you would like to practice one kick 10000 times and become rich slowly but easily, start investing today and keep investing for next 20 years or more, If you can increase your investment as your salary increases may be you can make 10 Crs or more with the same 18-20% returns, though i would be extremely happy with any return over 12-15%. As the return is not in our hands but investing monthly is ( one kick, repeated every month !)

Remember even Bruce Lee feared the man who learnt one kick 10000 times !!

PS :The 20% return mentioned above has come with years of low or negative returns (of even 50% once! ) and years of high positive returns (ranging from 30%+ to even 233% in one year! ) but those who stayed the course reaped the benefits. Future will also hold such negative surprises as well as +ve surprises, and the investor will be tested and tempted to quit, and as in past rewards are likely to be for people who hold on.

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  1. Muthu Said,

    January 23, 2015 @ 3:06 pm

    Excellent message. Very well conveyed. Well written.

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