After all, what can 500 Rs p.m grow to?

The letter below,written by a dad, whose 7 year old son saved 500 Rs per month and gave to his dad for investing. Think his dad wanted to teach him about investing in a disciplined way through mutual funds so gave this amount as pocket money. Before you say nice story and move on, as after all, what can Rs. 500 p.m grow to, a few thousands by the time the boy reaches college or gets married? Here are the numbers and they are startling..

College is 10 years away when he turns 17. by the time the little boy goes to college, it will be Rs 1.68 Lacs. Decent money, but definitely not enough for a good education that too ten years from now.

At 27, when the ‘boy’ is old enough for marriage the investment would have grown to Rs.11 Lacs good sum but dont think enough for the typical big fat Indian wedding even today, forget 20 years later.

Let us assume that since it is not enough for education, or marriage the dad will continue the Rs. 500 investment and the son after getting a job invests the same amount every month till he is say forty,

So the total amount invested is  Rs. 1,98,00 over a 33 year period ( Rs.500* 12*33)

Assume 18% return ( markets have given 20% in the last 20 years but let us assume 18%)

The total value is a whopping Rs 1.22 Crs.

All from Rs. 500 p.m invested diligently over a long period in equities as they give the best returns over long term. If it were just increased by Rs. 500 more to Rs. 1000( which is what you may be paying for your mobile bill every month!!) it will be Rs. 2.44 Crs. Agree that inflation would ensure that Rs. 2.44 Crs may not be enough 33 years later but it is better then not investing anything, right?

Now, what is your excuse for not investing, that you don’t have Rs.500 or Rs.1000 pm ?



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